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Analytics and AI solutions

Build the Future of your Talent Acquisition using DATA!


Our goal is to innovate the industry and offer a solution to understand and identify Talent pools, while using programmatic advertising to reach and attract Talent online.

We are building our product using Artificial Intelligence to understand your brand, identify the most suitable Talent pools for you, assess their behaviours, skills and interests, to enable you to reach thousands of suitable Talent, so you can engage only with the most suitable ones, saving you major time.

Talent Cloud Media was founded in 2018 by Recruitment professionals who gathered over 35 years International Recruitment and HR experience. Our vision was that Technology and Social Media Advertising could improve the Recruitment process for employers but also for hard working recruiters.


You will no longer be competing with other Employers for your candidates. You will now know exactly what your ideal Target Audience is. You will no longer need to log on to various social sites to post a small ad and hope to get candidates. Our solution will ensure your team has access to a large pool of Talent that have been selected just for you, while constantly marketing your Employer brand. 


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Data performance driven – We identify the RIGHT Talent pool using various tools and data models, tapping into social media based on user behaviour, skills, expertise, interests and other data analysis. We see how your brand speaks to the market, and understand who within your talent pool is likely to engage with you.

Far beyond reach – Our AI analytics solutions enable you to look at Talent pools everywhere in the world, from many social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, amongst others, and understand their behaviour, location, job titles, and interests. This gives you the most attractive market insights on how to hire.



Active & Passive candidates – We create attractive Ad campaigns and reach potential candidates who best match your needs on social media and who are currently Active or still Passive, reaching a large audience, wherever they are online.

Unlimited Global access – Our campaigns can access Talent anywhere in the World, in any language. We have created campaigns across UK & Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Tunisia, Jamaica, Eastern Europe, South Africa…

Automation for Talent Acquisition 0

Talent Analytics for more efficient candidate sourcing 0

Communication & Employer Branding to engage Talent 0

Access large Passive and Active Talent pools on Social Media 0

Select Better candidates from their Interests and behavior 0

Use the right tool to automate repetitive social media advertising tasks

Use a dedicated tool to Understand and Identify the Right Talent pool for YOU!

Optimize your sourcing strategy using Artificial Intelligence to leverage Social Media

Communicate with your Talent pool, Brand your company and engage with every potential candidate on the Internet

Why work with us?


We save you Time and Money

Our solution enables you to identify, understand our Talent pool and attract the most suitable talent, so you don't spend time reaching the wrong people. We are building a social recruiting tool that will automate recruitment on social media.

We have extensive experience in all types of recruiting tools and methods

We have great experience, having recruited using many different tools and methods, to identify and select hundreds of candidates for our clients. We assisted hundreds of Employers in various countries such as France, UK & Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and further afield

We focus on Analytics and Digital branding to recruit

We have access to thousands of data about potential Talent, and we look at your brand engagement online. We then use programmatic advertising to build effective Ad campaigns

We find you the most suitable Talent pool

Using our Talent Analytics, we identify the right Talent pool and enable you to brand your company to them, so you can attract candidates who do not apply on job boards!


Talent Analytics

Targeted Ad Campaign

Attract & Select Talent

Our Leadership Team


John has been involved in recruiting for major companies for over 20 years. Native French, Fluent in English, John has provided Recruitment solutions for companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Western Union, Hertz, LVMH and many others for many years. John founded Talent Cloud Media to leverage the power of Digital media to benefit recruiting.


Brian has worked in Recruitment for 15 years, helping many companies across Ireland and Europe find Sales and Marketing Talent. Brian is very keen on using Social Media to benefit Employers in their Recruitment activities. He is very proactive with clients, helping find innovative solutions to answer Talent requirements.

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