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Employers – Target Happy Remote Workers with pets!

Remote workers, have you been enjoying more time with your pet while working from home?


I’m sure pets are going to be unhappy when everyone is going back to the office. Will that impact workers to seek a new job to have more autonomy and the ability to work from home more?
Probably yes, so would having a pet be a question as part of the interview process?
Would you be more likely to apply to a job that offers flexibility so you can be at home more?
One thing is sure, it would be great for employers to have the ability to search for remote workers who want to stay home because they want to spend more time with their pets!!

Well, there are good news as using our social media recruiting solutions, we can target pet owners with the right skills, who are much more likely to want to work from home.
We can select any skill set, any location and have their interests selected in line with what you may need to narrow down the most suitable type of candidate for you.

Don’t let pets stay home alone!! Choose employees that suits you, who will be happy in their lives!



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