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Create your Job Ad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.
Target ONLY the Talent you want.


Recruitment Job Ad Option 1

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for €499 / 1 Ad campaign – 2 image designs – duration of 30 days

Recruitment Job Ad Option 2

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin for €999 / 1 Ad campaign – 1 Linkedin Targeted messaging – 2 designs

We find you the most suitable Talent pool

Using our Talent Analytics, we identify the right Talent pool and enable you to brand your company to them, so you can attract candidates who do not apply on job boards!

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Find the right Talent for your opportunities, with our Talent Analytics solution, then Reach them with our Creative Job Ads. Just fill in the form below to start!

We Target the right candidate pool on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We display a creative job Ad and specific message to reach your audience and attract them. 

Audiences reach up to 30,000 users.
Inquire to build larger or multiple campaigns.

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Talent Cloud Media is a Talent Analytics and Social Marketing platform that gives employers the right tools to attract specific Talent, in any industry and anywhere in the World.
We build targeted Audiences based on Talent analytics on social media. We create Great visuals so our Ads can be well noticed with strong attractive content, which we then promote through sponsored advertising at a very finely targeted Talent audience. Building your Employer Brand or promoting your Career opportunities is what we do best, so potential Talent can see your Brand several times during a campaign. We can identify Talent anywhere in the World, for any type of role and in any industry.

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We will discover your Talent pool using our Talent Analytics solution, then launch a very targeted sponsored campaign on selected social media sites reaching your ideal Talent. We will first build your Talent audience based on your key requirements using our Talent Analytics definition, to create your candidates profile. According to your key requirements, we will target any location you wish, pushing sponsored Ads to the finely selected Audience.  We will design and create an attractive Employer, Career or Job focused Ad campaign with your logo and visual, which you can provide or we can create – We enjoy creating Great visuals for our clients.

The campaign, with the right target & visuals, will reach between 5,000 and 50,000 users, depending on budget and goals.

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Next step? We will contact you to discuss your potential campaign and requirement. We will then build your campaign and launch it within 48 hours (pending our backlog).
You will receive users directly to you, we will not intervene.
The campaign will be monitored regularly to ensure full optimization. Within the first few days, we may adjust the visuals according to our recommendations.

Any questions? Contact us now on John@talentcloudm.com or use our Whatsapp link on the right of the screen, or even call us on 00353 868164897.

At Talent Cloud Media, we thank you for your business and remember, Talent is now just a few days away from you!