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Recruitment tool for Talent Analytics & Social Media Recruiting

Our goals at Talent Cloud are to add value and optimize the Recruitment industry, helping Employers use innovative ways to attract and select the most suitable Talent. 

We leverage Social Media and Internet Data to build your ideal Talent pool, give you full visibility on how to Target them and use programmatic advertising to show your company and open roles to them.
We are using a psychometric approach to understand online user behaviors defining personality traits enabling us to match them to potential suitable roles.


Talent Analytics is the use of Data to understand your Talent pool and give you valuable market insights on who to hire and where they are.

Our Talent Analytics Tool will be pulling in all the relevant data from social media with the assistance of AI to understand who your potential candidates are and who is best suited to apply to your company. It will also give you local market assessment with similar active roles and candidate sentiment analysis.

Understand the data to understand your candidates and make Better Hires!


Our Social Job creation Tool enables you to identify your Talent pool first using our Talent Analytics solution, and then reach out to them by easily building attractive Social Media Recruitment campaigns targeting only your most suitable talent pool. We create visuals and content to reach your potential candidates and engage them to your Brand and Vacancies.

Our built-in dashboard will give you access to the most suited candidates for your company.

Discover Social Recruiting

Reach only the Right Audience for you

Brand your Company, Culture and Values

Time & Cost Efficient Solutions

Access to 2.8 Billion Candidates

Constantly build your pipeline

Understand your Talent pool

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We aim to be a Great company to work for

We want to use our expertise and offer a great work environment, where innovation is at the core of our work, so we encourage ideas and actions!

Talent Cloud Media was founded in 2018 by Recruitment professionals who gathered many years International Recruitment and HR experience. Our vision was that Technology and Social Media Advertising could improve Talent Acquisition by offering a different recruitment approach to employers.

We decided to mix these elements: Human, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing.

Be part of our Talent Cloud Team

Talented has gathered up all the technologies available to automate the Talent acquisition and management sector more efficiently and make a difference.

We will be recruiting for a number of positions. Those include Software Developers, Social Media Marketing experts, Customer Success Managers and Great Sales professionals.

We are looking for Talented people to join us and build the future of Recruiting!

Want to join our growth?

We are interested in Great personalities and Digitally driven Humans.
It would be great if you had:

  • A proven commercial track record in the recruitment/HR industry
  • Experience in Business development or sales is strongly desired, but in any industry, as you will need to present our model and methods to potential clients in various sectors. But don’t worry, we use the latest CRM and lead generation tools as well.
  • Passion, vision and ambition to grow a successful business
  • Motivated, dynamic and driven to work towards greater things and achieve great client satisfaction
  • Strong interest in Digital technologies and social media is desired
  • Be smart and organised in how you work, so you can make sure you don’t spend countless hours working, as we want our teams to have a life!

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