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AI and Talent Analytics

About Talent Cloud Media


Social Media Recruitment using Talent Analytics and programmatic advertising to reach the right candidates everywhere on the Internet!


Experts in Talent and social media recruitment advertising campaign, Talent Cloud Media is an innovative Talent Analytics solution for international recruitment using marketing & Employer branding. We are based in Dublin, Ireland, but operate across the World. We build very specific Talent Audiences, then create Great visual campaigns to attract and recruit talent anywhere.


Talent Cloud Media offers an exclusive service, identifying your Talent pool on social media, then marketing your International vacancies to well-selected audiences of passive, semi-active and active candidates. We choose carefully social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to name a few.


We create leading Employer Branding campaigns to attract Top Talent to your team. If you need to recruit locally or far away on foreign markets, we can give you our expertise working internationally. We provide leading recruitment advertising methodologies by using the most advanced social media demographic targeting and creative campaign development and management.